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What should I do with loneliness?
What is death supposed to mean?
Why am I so different?
Why do we hurt people if we know how it feels to be hurt?

These are some of the questions that Tomi and Emily look for answers to. We have all felt absolutely desperate for losing a loved one, or terribly scared because of an upcoming change. Talking Feelings was written as a gentle guide for dealing with those emotions both for parents and their children. We can try talking about feelings, but the magic really happens when we listen to what the feelings want to tell us. Want to join us on that journey?


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1 recenzia k FREE Talking Feelings e-book (English)

  1. Karo

    Want your children to learn the secrets of living a happy life? Then this book is for your family!

    Talking feelings shows kids and also adults how to deal with overwhelming feelings like loneliness, death and anger. Every story is heartwarming and brought tears to my eyes. If all children would learn about the secrets in this book it would truly change the world. I wish somebody would have given me this book when I was 7. A true gem for parents who want their kids to learn the secrets of living a happy life.

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